Meeting #7

O sétimo encontro da comunidade terá lugar no dia 5 de Dezembro de 2017, nas instalações da Microsoft Portugal. Podes registar-te aqui.


18:30 – Welcome Coffee Break

19:00 – Using the bot framework and the Cortana Skills Kit to build modern user interactions (Luís Calado)
Cortana is a digital assistant that keeps users informed and productive, helping them get things done across devices and platforms. Skills define the tasks that Cortana can accomplish. A skill is a speech bot. The Bot Framework can help build the speech bot, register it, and define a Cortana channel. This session explains how we can leverage the bot framework and the Cortana Skills Kit to enhance what Cortana can accomplish.

20:00 – Break (without coffee)

20:15 – Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Technologies (Ricardo Pedrosa)
Want to store and process data at scale?
Understand the power of the Azure to big data using Data Lake solutions to store and process data in the cloud.

21:15 – Encerramento